You’ve been stumbling through life feeling empty, powerless, and stuck for what feels like forever.

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You are feeling lost, stuck in a job that what once was your passion, no longer fulfills you. You are searching for something more, you just don’t know what yet…

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If you’ve ever dreamt of re-inventing everything and being able to do something that lights you up inside, following your passion, then you’re in the right place.

Whether you’re an overworked career woman, someone who’s dabbling with a side hustle (but can’t catch a lucky break), or a woman who is feeling lost after all your children left the nest and wants something more to do, I’ve got the golden-key to your success.

I’m Timothia Sellers, and I’m a Proctor Gallagher Consultant and Transformational Mentor.

I help women just like you….

I’ve spent years on the journey of self-discovery and transformation myself to discover my passion in life and …

From the age of 17, coming from a difficult background in New York I worked my way up onwards to building a highly successful career and business being an Emmy award nominated production sound mixer,  highly sought after and yet I had a calling for something else.

I went on a journey of self discovery, studying and learning from some of the best in personal development and transformation, such as Jack Canfield, Which then lead me to work with Bob Proctor, I knew this was it. This was the way for me to do something that aligns with my heart. To help others.