You are an Entreprenuer at heart who wants to make an impact in the world?

Or even step forth and START your dream business, Doing what you LOVE.

You may be trying to figure out the how’s, how to generate more sales, how you will be able to actually earn the income from doing what you love to live a life you love, how to have more free time, working less and earning more.

have a peek at these guys There’s a voice that whispers (or screams) There’s more.

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Guess what, you were given that dream, your passion for a reason…

Because IT IS achievable.

Right now you might feel like you’re wanting more:



  • You have started what you thought was your dream business, started on the path to being an entrepreneur or business owner and yet, you just feel stuck, blocked and struggling to have the flow going to be happy, joyful and prosperous. 
  • You are scared to show up in your business, to start your business, scared to put yourself out there. You have a passion or dream and yet, just wrapped in fear allowing the voices telling you why you can’t, allowing them to hold you back… 
  • You may not have figured out what your passion is in life or what you want to do. You know you want more, you know you want to be more, to do more in life. You have a calling, you want to live a life doing what you love. Feeling free.

It’s okay though, every successful entrepreneur in the history of time has hit a few road bumps on their way to building the successful business of their dreams.

That’s where I am here to help, and who am I?

My name is Timothia Sellers-Hogan

I’m your Proctor Gallagher Consultant and Transformational Mentor.

I help women just like you rediscover yourself, step forth to do what you are passionate about and earn from those passions.

I’ve spent years on the journey of self-discovery and transformation myself to discover my passion in life and … 
From the age of 17, coming from a difficult background in New York I worked my way up onwards to building a highly successful career and business being an Emmy award nominated production sound mixer,  highly sought after and yet I had a calling for something else.

I found that, and it’s my purpose and passion to support you do the same!